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[audio]Solo Turk n°1 - Nabil
Keywords: Triton Extreme; Turk
Downloads: 55
[audio]Vatican and Islam - Nabil
education and non-commercial
Keywords: Politics-from Nabil to Pope of Vatican
Downloads: 57
[audio]osssoul - nabil
اÙحصة اÙإستدراÙÙØ© ÙÙادة اÙأصÙÙ
Keywords: ossoul
Downloads: 21
[audio]Modesty - Nabil
Lecture on Modesty in Islam
Keywords: Modesty; Islam; family
Downloads: 222
[audio]Modesty_In_Islam - Nabil
Lecture on Modesty in Islam
Keywords: Islam; family; women; modesty
Downloads: 208 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Serat al Rasoul lel Atfal - Nabil
Serat el rasoul lel atfal
Keywords: serat; rasoul; atfal
Downloads: 51
[movies]عروة بن الزبير - nabil
Keywords: awad
Downloads: 4
[audio]ZakatInfo2006 - Nabil
Short talk on Zakat the third pillar of Islam
Keywords: Alms; Zakat; third; pillar; Islam
Downloads: 850
[audio]Alli Gara v1 - Nabil BELGASMI
Alli Gara (1st version)
Keywords: alli gara; ketron; vega
Downloads: 210
[audio]Discover Islam Series Part 3.2 - Nabil Elibiary
Discover Islam Series Part 3.2 at IAC Carrollton
Keywords: Discover; Islam
Downloads: 84
[audio]Olli Amalak ih Albi 1 - Nabil BELGASMI
composed by Musikar Mohamed Abdelwahab 100% Ketron VEGA demo played by: Nabil
Keywords: Oriental; demo; Abdelwahab; Ketron VEGA
Downloads: 464
[audio]Friday Khutba June 29, 2007 - Imam Nabil
Friday Khutba June 29, 2007
Keywords: Islam
Downloads: 151
[audio]OMAR AL KAZABRI مقطع رائع للشيخ عمر القزابري - NABIL AZOUGAGH
عÙر اÙÙزابر٠تÙاÙات خاشعة Ùؤثرة اÙÙÙاطع اÙخاشعة اÙÙÙÙزة, تÙاÙات Ùؤثرة ÙبÙÙØ© تÙاÙØ© رائعة
Keywords: مقاطع الخاشعة المميزة; تلاوات مؤثرة مبكية تلاوة رائعة
Downloads: 20
[audio]Jesus Mary Messengers - Nabil Elibiary
Lecture on Discover Islam Series at IAC Carrollton. Topic: Jesus Mary Messengers
Keywords: Jesus; Mary; Messengers
Downloads: 930
[audio]Discover Islam Series Part 4.2 - Nabil Elibiary
Discover Islam Series Part 4.2 at IAC Carrollton
Keywords: Discover; Islam
Downloads: 72
[texts]د حسين - Mohamed nabil
Pathology power point lecturesالاستاذ الدكتور / حسين عبدالمنعمرئيس قسم الباثولوجىكلية الطب جامعة الازهر بأسيوطUploaded by / Mohamed nabil
Keywords: Pathology power point lectures
Downloads: 22
[audio]Oneness of God Monotheism - Nabil-Khalil
Lecture delivered on Oneness of God Monotheism in Islam as part of Discover Islam Series
Keywords: Discover; Islam; Oneness; God; Allah; Monotheism
Downloads: 935
[texts]Acquisition of morphological families and derivational series from a machine readable dictionary - Nabil Hathout
The paper presents a linguistic and computational model aiming at making the morphological structure of the lexicon emerge from the formal and semantic regularities of the words it contains. The model is word-based. The proposed morphological structure consists of (1) binary relations that connect each headword with words that are morphologically related, and especially with the members of its morphological family and its derivational series, and of (2) the analogies that hold between the words...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Discover Islam Series Part 4.1 - Nabil Elibiary
Discover Islam Series Part 4.1 at IAC Carrollton.
Keywords: Discover; Islam; Series
Downloads: 98
[audio]tilawa - nabil azougagh

Downloads: 19
[texts]A central series associated with the vanishing off subgroup--- Camina triples - Nabil Mlaiki
In this paper, we study Camina triples. Camina triples are a generalization of Camina pairs. Camina pairs were first introduced in 1978 by A.R. Camina in \cite{camina1}. Camina's work in \cite{camina1} was inspired by the study of Frobenius groups. We show that if $(G,N,M)$ is a Camina triple, then either $G/N$ is a $p$-group, $M$ is nilpotent, or $M$ has a non-trivial nilpotent quotient.
Downloads: 3
[audio]Discover Islam Series Part 2 - Nabil Elibiary
Discover Islam Series Part 2 at IAC Carrollton
Keywords: Discover; Islam
Downloads: 1,020
[texts]Energy-momentum's local conservation laws and generalized isometric embeddings of vector bundles - Nabil Kahouadji
This text is the extended version of a talk given at the conference Geometry, Topology, QFT and Cosmology hold from May 28 to May 30, 2008 at the Observatoire de Paris. Using exterior differential systems, I provide a positive answer to the generalized isometric embedding problem of vector bundles, and show how conservation laws for a class of PDE can be constructed, for instance, for covariant divergence-free energy-momentum tensors.
Downloads: 12
[texts]Susygen3, an Event Generator for Linear Colliders - Nabil Ghodbane
The Monte Carlo program \texttt{SUSYGEN}, initially designed for computing distributions and generating events for supersymmetric particle production in $e^+e^-$ collisions, has now been upgraded to study supersymmetric processes at linear colliders by the inclusion of beamstrahlung, beam polarization, spin correlations and complex couplings including CP violating phases. It continues to offer, in the new context, the possibility to study the production and decay of supersymmetric particles with...
Downloads: 3
[texts]A Central series associated with the vanishing off subgroup V(G) - Nabil Mlaiki
We generalize Lewis's result about a central series associated with the vanishing off subgroup. We write $V_{1}=V(G)$ for the vanishing off subgroup of $G$, and $V_{i}=[V_{i-1},G]$ for the terms in this central series. Lewis proved that there exists a positive integer $n$ such that if $V_{3} < G_{3}$, then $|G:V_{1}|=|G':V_{2}|^{2}=p^{2n}$. Let $D_{3}/V_{3} = C_{G/V_{3}}(G'/V_{3})$. He also showed that if $V_{3} < G_{3}$, then either $|G:D_{3}|=p^{n}$ or $D_{3}=V_{1}$...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Construction of Local Conservation Laws by Generalized Isometric Embeddings of Vector Bundles - Nabil Kahouadji
This article uses Cartan-K\"ahler theory to construct local conservation laws from covariantly closed vector valued differential forms, objects that can be given, for example, by harmonic maps between two Riemannian manifolds. We apply the article's main result to construct conservation laws for covariant divergence free energy-momentum tensors. We also generalize the local isometric embedding of surfaces in the analytic case by applying the main result to vector bundles of rank two over any sur...
Downloads: 4
[audio]Tunisian - Lelliri Yamma - Nabil B.
Lelliri Yamma (song of Kacem Kefi song) 100% VEGA demo played by Nabil Tunisia
Keywords: Ketron VEGA; tunisia; keyboard; shaabi
Downloads: 470
[texts]Rappel les fonctions de l'ntreprise - nabil azougagh
Rappel les fonctions de l'ntreprise.td externalités.Td les fonctions de l'entreprise
Keywords: Rappel les fonctions de l'ntreprise.td externalités.Td les fonctions de l'entreprise
Downloads: 79
[movies]Memory by Nik Nabil - Nik Nabil
MemoriSong/Lyrics : Nik NabilProducer : AG Coco & Nik NabilMusic Arranger : AG CocoAll instruments  recorded by AG Coco& Rudy Iskandar except drums by Azim Jenk Ali and bass by Kelly.Mixed & Mastered by Ahmad Huzaini SaharuddinRecorded at Kamar Seni Recording StudioEngineered by Ully Mohamad & Faris ShazeeWebsite : http://nabilamin.com/fb : www.facebook.com/niknabilOfficial
Keywords: Malay song; Nik Nabil
Downloads: 6
[texts]Morphonette: a morphological network of French - Nabil Hathout
This paper describes in details the first version of Morphonette, a new French morphological resource and a new radically lexeme-based method of morphological analysis. This research is grounded in a paradigmatic conception of derivational morphology where the morphological structure is a structure of the entire lexicon and not one of the individual words it contains. The discovery of this structure relies on a measure of morphological similarity between words, on formal analogy and on the prope...
Downloads: 16
[audio]Friday Khutba May 25, 2007 - Imam Nabil
Friday Khutba May 25, 2007
Keywords: Islam
Downloads: 124
[texts]The TESLA Time Projection Chamber - Nabil Ghodbane
A large Time Projection Chamber is proposed as part of the tracking system for a detector at the TESLA electron positron linear collider. Different ongoing R&D studies are reviewed, stressing progress made on a new type readout technique based on Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors.
Downloads: 10
[audio]Love of Allah - Nabil Elibiary
Love of Allah Khutba at IAC 12-29-2006
Keywords: Love of Allah
Downloads: 88
[texts]Cartan-Kähler Theory and Applications to Local Isometric and Conformal Embedding - Nabil Kahouadji
This text is the extended version of a talk given at 6th Meeting of Integrable Systems and Quantum Filed Theory at Peyresq hold from June 10 2006 to June 17, 2006 at Peyresq, France. The goal of this lecture is to give a brief introduction to Cartan-K\"ahler's theory. As examples to the application of this theory, we choose the local isometric and conformal embedding. We provide lots of details and explanations of the calculation and the tools used.
Downloads: 7
[audio]Discover Islam Series Part 3.1 - Nabil Elibiary
Discover Islam Series Part 3.1 at IAC Carrollton
Keywords: Discover; Islam
Downloads: 397
[texts]Analytic crossing probabilities for certain barriers by Brownian motion - Nabil Kahale
We calculate crossing probabilities and one-sided last exit time densities for a class of moving barriers on an interval $[0,T]$ via Schwartz distributions. We derive crossing probabilities and first hitting time densities for another class of barriers on $[0,T]$ by proving a Schwartz distribution version of the method of images. Analytic expressions for crossing probabilities and related densities are given for new explicit and semi-explicit barriers.
Downloads: 4
[texts]nabil-orsy - nabil-orsy

Downloads: 528
[audio]Discover Islam Series Lecture 110406 - Nabil Elibiary
Discover Islam Series Lecture 110406
Keywords: Discover Islam
Downloads: 979
[image]Tamghart in - Nabil Othmani

Downloads: 26
[texts]3anbar El 5edma - Nabil Roufail
في ذكرى المتنيح الشماس  ميشيل سلطانIn memorial of deacon Michael Soltan
Keywords: Biography
Downloads: 75
[audio]traneem-mp3 - kiro nabil
Keywords: traneem-kaeef ansa
Downloads: 460
[texts]Canada Immigration - Personal Experience - Nabil Orfali
I will share my successful immigration experience to Canada including travel to Canada, first landing, job search, rent and housing, driver's license, rent a car, going back to school, studying online and getting online degree, and settling smartly in Canada.
Keywords: Canada Immigration
Downloads: 43
[audio]Hip-Hop Farwest - Nabil M. - Nabil M.
Nabil M. is a young german rapper with his roots in Marocco. He is a member of "BTM-Squad", and his songs he sings are about his own life 1:1. Nabil M. ist ein junger deutscher Rapper mit Marokkanischen Wurzel. Er ist Mitglied von der "BTM-Squad", und seine Songs wiederspiegeln sein Leben 1:1.
Keywords: Rap; HipHop; Hip-Hop; german; deutsch; Farwest; Nabil M
Downloads: 14,365
[movies]7la2et nabil - abu nabil
hada il yom il sabe3 i7na o bne7le2lo iqteda2an bel soneh il sharefeh
Keywords: nabil 7la2a
Downloads: 94 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Prophets Story 04 - Nabil Al-Awady
Prophets Story
Keywords: Prophets Story
Downloads: 27
[movies]Islaa7 AlBait - Nabil Al-Awady
Islaa7 AlBait
Keywords: Islaa7 AlBait
Downloads: 20
[audio]Prophets Story 10 - Nabil Al-Awady
Prophets Story
Keywords: Prophets Story
Downloads: 28
[audio]Prophets Story 12 - Nabil Al-Awady
Prophets Story
Keywords: Prophets Story
Downloads: 26
[texts]Constraint Logic Programming for Natural Language Processing - Philippe Blache
This paper proposes an evaluation of the adequacy of the constraint logic programming paradigm for natural language processing. Theoretical aspects of this question have been discussed in several works. We adopt here a pragmatic point of view and our argumentation relies on concrete solutions. Using actual contraints (in the CLP sense) is neither easy nor direct. However, CLP can improve parsing techniques in several aspects such as concision, control, efficiency or direct representation of ling...
Downloads: 4
[audio]Friday Khutba July 27, 2007 - Imam Nabil Elibiary
Friday Khutba July 27, 2007
Keywords: Islam
Downloads: 178
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